June 22, 2009

Good News for Change and Cause Related Bloggers

Earlier this month, Beth Kanter, Shannon Whitley and Geoff Livingston launched the List of Change - a ranking of the top English-language change and cause-related blogs in the world.

Here's a recap on why they believe the List of Change could benefit the [nonprofit] sector:

1) It will provide a single point of aggregation for change blogs, allowing new and old readers alike to discover new blogs.

2) Change and cause bloggers can use the list to promote themselves to new readers. They can also use the list to benchmark their own performance against their peers.

3) We realize that some people see rankings as competitive or subjective, and don’t want to participate. The List of Change is an opt in ranking where change bloggers have to submit their URL to become part of the ranking. Only those who truly want to participate will, thus keeping a spirit of fellowship among the listed.

4) At SXSW Panel on Social Media ROI for Nonprofits - KD Paine was asked a question about metrics for blogs. KD said that she couldn’t answer that because you’d need to have some industry or nonprofit benchmark. And, if one does not exist - trade that information with your colleagues. The list helps facilitate the exchange of benchmarks. So, it isn’t about the score or the number - it gives an industry number and way to begin thinking about to improve our effort.
You can see the full post on Livingston's blog here.

The List of Change includes some of my personal favorites like Katya's Non-Profit Marketing Blog, Nathaniel Whittemore's Social Entrepreneurship blog at Change.org, Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog, The Edge, and Social Earth. I highly encourage you to check them out. You will undoubtedly find some useful information for your own blog, nonprofit, volunteer engagement...all things related to change!

You can view the complete list here. And as requested by the makers of the List of Change, feel free to submit your own change or cause-related blog. Together, WE CAN make social change a reality!

Happy (Change) Blogging! :)

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