November 2, 2007

Making Money AND a Difference in Society!

After reading Doing Well by Doing Good an article by Jessica Chen on, I couldn’t help but to highlight the work of another individual who – in her own way, advances social causes. It explains another perspective of how entrepreneurs are lighting the way to different business practices like social entrepreneurship where in this case, profits are not the driving force behind success or failure.

When serving a community – be it online or in local neighborhood, you should be equally concerned about the impact you’ll have on the community in addition to profits. The practice of a double-bottom line not only drives business but it advances the community by challenging us to do better; asking more questions, collaborating more often, managing your resources more efficiently, all key factors leading up to what you hope will produce great results/outcomes.

Here are just a few social entrepreneurs you may find of interest:

Bill Gates Bell and Melinda Gates Foundation

Oprah Winfrey The Oprah Winfrey Foundation

Sarah Endline Sweet Riot

Social entrepreneurship helps create more jobs for the community and advances economic development. I believe that every entity, for or not-for-profit, will benefit from generating revenue (and ultimately making a “profit”) to sustain business. Profit can be measured in more ways than currency. As a social enterprise, you will have to fulfill your mission; and for many of the industry’s professionals, fulfilling your mission can be all the reward you need.

This post was written by Chanelle Carver, Editor of and Founder of the Literacy ‘n’ Poverty Project. Please leave your comments or email questions to

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