October 3, 2008

The World will be Talking about Poverty

October 15, 2008 is the annual Blog Action Day and this year's theme is, guess what...POVERTY! So fitting a subject for Making Social Change a Reality and we definitely will participate.

So what exactly is Blog Action Day?

"An annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion."

Why do we care?

Poverty impacts our global society and our blog is all about discussing the issues, sharing ideas and experiences to create social change on a global scale. It would be a crime not to get involved.

What's in store for this year?

"In 2008, the Blog Action Day theme is Poverty. Bloggers are free to interpret this as they see fit. We invite bloggers to examine poverty from their own blog topics and perspectives, to look at it from the macro and micro, as a global condition and a local issue, and to bring their own ideas, views and opinions on the subject."

How can you participate?

1. We're inviting guest bloggers to contribute to this important discussion on October 15th. Email blogs@literacyandpovertyproject.com for more information.

2. If you have a blog and want to devote October 15th to discussing Poverty, register here to participate. There's currently over 5,000 blogs registered with a readership exceeding 10 million. You can also check out their Resources page in case you're stumped for topic ideas. Just awesome!

October 15th is the day folks. It's another day we get the chance to make social change a reality.

Will you participate?


Mulia said...

Hi Chanelle & team,
I've just become a follower and have posted a link to your blog. I have a blog which champions the rights of the poor and the aggrieved and hope you can place a link to this blog. Thank you Channelle.


Dollface said...

Thanks for bringing people's attention to this. I'm checking out the Blog Action website now. It's great opportunity to discuss a global issue and I will most likely write something on my blog.

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