December 8, 2008

Need Food, Books and Other Supplies?

It's the season of giving...

...and we want to give you the gift of free publicity!

The Literacy ‘n' Poverty Project is hosting a December Giving Drive here on Making Social Change a Reality for any organization in need of donations whether you're looking for food, clothes, books, medical, or office supplies. We want to help YOU spread the word and get those much needed supplies to your constituents.

To participate in the December Giving Drive, email Chanelle Carver, Executive Director of the Literacy ‘n' Poverty Project at carver[at] with the following details:

  • The name and mission statement of your organization
  • Drive details (start and end date, who the drive will benefit, drop off locations, donations needed, etc.)
  • Person to contact (name, e-mail, and phone)

Literacy ‘n' Poverty Project is a startup nonprofit organization with a mission to support the advancement of adults through advocacy, research and service. We tackle social issues like education and poverty through a collaborative approach with community organizations, businesses and individuals in order to deliver quality programs and services that help alleviate poverty and improve adult education for all. For more information about who we are and what we do, please visit

Please feel free to forward this message. You can also post details in a comment.

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