January 15, 2009

2009 Goals for Making Social Change A Reality

In the strategic planning process, the management team and leaders of any business and/or social venture must ask themselves three important questions:

1) Where are we now?

2) Where do we want to be?

3) How will we get there?

I think the same applies to blogging, which is why we at the Literacy ‘n’ Poverty Project have taken some time to come up with our own blog strategy for Making Social Change A Reality.

In creating this blog strategy, we’ve come up with a set of goals and objectives to accomplish over the next year that will not only create greater awareness for our organization and this blog but also to ensure we are expanding to new markets and advocating on behalf of the very people we believe will benefit from our programs and services.

Here’s a list of some of things we’ll be doing throughout the year:
    1) Expanding our base of discussion topics to include various social issues that are of concern to the GLOBAL community
    2) NETWORKING with writers and bloggers already established in the blogosphere who can offer guidance and support that will enable us to take Making Social Change A Reality to the next stage
    3) Inviting more GUEST POSTS from the general community
    4) Adding tons more streaming VIDEO and audio content
    5) There will be NEW sections to the site. Sorry, we can’t tell you now…it’s a surprise!!!
    6) And INFORMING our readers of more ways they can get involved with our organization via volunteer opportunities, internships and much more!

Some specific goals:
    1. To have written at least 300 posts by then end of 2009
    2. To recruit and retain 15 to 20 volunteer bloggers for our team
    3. To publish new blog posts at least three times per week

As of January 15, 2009 I can already tell you we are well ahead in achieving our goals. Just think how much farther along we’ll be come June! However...

We cannot succeed without your support and feedback.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can make this blog better? What topics are you interested in seeing discussed here?

This post was written by Chanelle Carver, freelance writer, nonprofit consultant, and founder of the Literacy ‘n’ Poverty Project.


Christa said...

Does the organization use Twitter? A great way to publicize links to new blog posts, projects, and items of interest.

Chanelle Carver said...

Hi Christa,

Thanks for mentioning Twitter. We do not use it...at this time. We'll be embarking on many new ventures this year and Twitter is definitely one of them. Stay tuned for an update!

All the best,
Chanelle Carver
Founder & Executive Director

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