April 14, 2009

From Laziness to Goodness

Naturally, when I saw this title "Lazy Altruism: 6 Super-Easy Ways to Do Good and Help Others", I was intrigued to read the blog post.

After all, it's not too often you see the words lazy and do good in the same sentence. And less often does being lazy result in a positive outcome. Well, not if you're a lazy altruist.

After hearing by President Barack Obama's Call to Action for Americans to volunteer more, an Intent.com blogger was inspired to create this short list for "wide-eyed volunteer newbies...to dip your feet into the wonderful world of altruistic love" which include donating your hair and playing Internet trivia.

Do you consider "lazy altruism" a method of volunteering?

This post was written by Chanelle Carver, acting Editor for Make Social Change A Reality and Executive Director of the Literacy 'n' Poverty Project.

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