July 20, 2009

Envision the Change

Social change is a must
Not just for humankind
But it can stem from just one human mind.
With one thought we will find we can do right
But imagine if we all join thoughts and unite.

There's no limit to the change we can bring
Enough to make the whole world sing in such harmony
That we don't have to worry bout the next man harming me
What a sight we can see
But how can this be?

My thought would be through philanthropy
So our children could inherit a world of humanity
That thought moves me fondly
Let's follow in the words of Mahatma Gandhi
Those words he lived and imparted before he died
To show that change must come from inside.

Don't hide behind the blinds in your mind
Reach down in your heart and you'll find that
Social change is a beautiful thing
Imagine the change it will bring.

From a world of poverty and stress
To one of literacy wealth and success.
Just taking the time to show I care
As a people...we have to start acting on our ideas.

There is nothing that I fear...because to me
Change is imminent...But we have to want to benefit.
These thoughts in my head are profound
In ideas I can drown...
How could I not make a sound?

With words I paint a picture like an artist.
In fact, I'm dedicated to tryna work the hardest.

Barack showed me that change will come regardless.
I take strides to open up doors.
I change the world by enforcing the laws...And in this I take pride.
This is not the time to shrink back...how could u even think that?

If it wasn't for change
Where would we be as a people...
Think back...

So let's put our best foot forward
Whether its blogging or raising funds
Let's not stop till its done...

Empowerment and social change to the world has just begun.

This guest post was written by Allan D., a poet from Brooklyn, New York.


mr. nichols said...

what's good chanelle? i'm really feeling this piece by Allan. i like the line where he says "Don't hide behind the blinds in your mind..." good stuff.

Chanelle Carver said...

All is well Mr. Nichols. Thanks for your comment! I like that line as well but my favorite part is "Let's follow in the words of Mahatma Gandhi...BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE in the world....change must come from inside."

It reminds me of the Michael Jackson song, Man in the Mirror. If we really want things to change, we have to be willing to make change within ourselves first!

Thanks again,

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