August 18, 2009

Knowledge is Key

Elementary to college
Become scholars
Not just for the dollars
But for the life that follows

Blue or white collars
Or those without them
Be the one with so much knowledge
No one can doubt him
World leaders wanna know about him
Can he be the next Barack
Or can she bring her nonprofit to the top

Never stop learning
Keep yearning
The passion for knowledge is burning
Deep within everyone soul
So take hold
To what's in front of u
God has a plan for every last one of u
U just don't know it yet
So dive into the sea of information
Get soak and wet
Tell me these words don't got u open yet

Most be hoping that school will flow by
But what example will u have
For your life to go by
So many books for research and info
All u need is to listen
Grab some paper and a pencil
We even got the web for media
Along with a thesaurus, dictionary and encyclopedia

Now that I named all these sources
I'm giving u the guidelines to be bosses
No matter what it is u wanna do
Just pursue till it's through
You'll have accounted for no losses
Isn't that the best feeling to have
Try to graduate at the top of your class

This poem was written by guest blogger Allan D., a poet from Brooklyn, New York.

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