September 23, 2009

We Will Make Change Again

There are those who want to fuss and fight
And would rather scream and shout
Than try to find some common ground
And calmly talk things out

Some people are just so hell bent
On getting their own way
That they show utter disregard
For what others have to say

It is almost common place these days
To dismiss and reject
Those that have a different view
As down right incorrect.

It seems like some are delighted
With the chaos and the craze
They spread their anger and disdain
And expect to get high praise

The President speaks to Congress
To make us all aware
Of reforms he will be making
To bring us all healthcare

But with blatant disrespect
One chooses to defy
The President of the United States
And scream at him “YOU LIE !”

Have some people lost their manners
Do they simply have no shame?
Or is it easier to look outward
To find someone to blame?

Some are just determined
To make it their game plan
To fight against the social change
That could help the common man

Social issues are a reality
that some choose not to face
But to turn a blind eye to them
Would be simply a disgrace

If we have a moral calling
To help improve the lives of others
Then how can we ignore the plight of our
Sisters and our brothers?

The time is now to make real change
We have waited long enough
There will always be resistance
Because change is often tough

But as a country we have made change before
And we will make change again
The only questions that now remain are
What cause will you join…and WHEN?

This post was written by Robert Connor, Sr. IT Manager for Giorgio Armani Corp and formerly a Computer Consultant for companies such as Anne Klein II, Donna Karan & Chanel Cosmetics. Robert is a volunteer blogger with the Literacy 'n' Poverty Project. Please leave your comments or email with questions.

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